Strangers Project #8

 Sit somewhere , anywhere it could be Savannah it could be Chicago , Tokyo , Topeka or old Bombay , watch as the people pass . Observe their dress and style , the way they adorn themselves , What makes them choose their look , their style , the colors they choose ? Even if you are the greatest non-conformist on the planet earth . You are influenced in your choices by the choices of other people . You are influenced by your peers in some form . It's almost tribal instinct to be accepted as a member of the larger group , 

      How many times have I sat and watch the parade of humanity pass and be stunned as to what people wear and maybe more specifically what they think makes them look good , what makes them cool , their persona , their image . What's sexy , practical , exciting , business like , taboo , head turning , boring or sport . Every time we dress there is a subconscious decision , is this the right look ? Whether we would like to admit it or not us humans are pretty darned concerned about what the other humans think . From spending trillions on fashion and cosmetics to the simple I think I look good in blue. . 

   Enter Jonathan , Such a great kid , but for the life of me I'll never understand why at night after being asked if you could be photographed , a person would search for their sunglasses before we could take the shot . Yes a big rant over a simple thing . It just left me puzzled . The only thing that I could think of is that this is how Jonathan thought he looked the way he wanted to appear . You know what ? After viewing the images I'm glad he did . Jonathan , thanks for the time you were cooler than cool . I'm Bob Gala photographer and it was my pleasure to meet you .