Strangers Project #7

 While driving to spend another Saturday on the streets of Savannah , I discussed with my wife DeeDee some of the things that might give this 50 Strangers project more interest from the viewers perspective . It was decided that we needed to vary our location #1 . So with that in mind we set out . What a learning experience ! To accomplish our goal easier said than done . We arrived at about 2 in the afternoon , first mistake . Not only is that the worst light of the day but Savannah in the Summer heat ? We wandered from historic square to historic square and by 6 we had only accomplished a Sushi lunch and a Leopold's ice cream . There are plenty of fabulous locations in Savannah but our dilemma was there were no people there . There was an odd quietness to town .  I had no intention of standing in some fabulous location for hours only to hope that one of few passers by would be interested in joining the project . It was decided that we would head to the busiest street in the city and somehow we would find a way to shoot around the crowds on River Street . Besides if I didn't find inspiration soon there was the potential of a mutiny as I watched DeeDee sweating  , her displeasure with my artistic endeavour was increasing  , the weight of the light stand bag she carried all day seemed to grow proportionally with her discontent . At this point I was about ready to hang it up , not only were we both wilted but DeeDee typically has that energy and smile that has convinced so many people to join in this endeavour . Without her persuasiveness this project on this night was in  trouble.

    Desperation led to being more aggressive . A mother walked by with a child in tow , she was on the phone and the young boy tried keep pace while trying to eat his melting ice cream cone . Hello mam , she walked by oblivious to our approach , but several yards behind was Kenisha keeping that I'm not really with them distance that teenagers  are known for . Beautiful , young and so nicely adorned with hair extensions , I asked if she would like to be photographed . "Sure sounds like fun" her reply .O.K but I think I better ask your mother who just continued to walk until she sat 30 yards up the promenade . Kenisha said "I don't need her permission" with a rebellious tone  I responded by asking "well how old are you"? she replied "18" , I smiled and said "well , let's do this then and proceeded to position her with the old river boat behind her . I hollered for DeeDee who was pursuing the mother still on the phone for her approval.  It wasn't one of those get to know you times that I had hope for but Thanks Kenisha , I'm Bob Gala photographer and it was really my pleasure to meet you .