Strangers Project #6

Portraiture in the perfect world is an attempt to capture a small bit of the persons personality and character that hidden essence of who they are .  Given the brief time that I have with some of these subjects it presents quite the challenge . As with our other volunteers we met kati along with a friend headed to river street . Dressed uber-casual as many visitors come from the nearby beaches and Savannah is just a night out from one of the nearby islands . 

    We are in a time when EVERYONE is a photographer. Iphones , instagram , facebook as a whole we are taking photos at a breakneck pace . I see girls that can't be 6 or 8 years of age break out their full fashion model smiles just seconds before mom's shutter clicks . Finished , Done , now we could put that in the folder that mom has added to almost daily since she got that iphone . I think it's great but are those say cheese  moments really who they are ? 

       Kati is just a gorgeous young lady and once in front of the lens she flashed that brilliant smile , I got three shots . Big smile , Big sunglasses . I don't think that she was exactly pleased when I asked "can we get one without the glasses" . Her expression changed in an instant and she gave me this are you kidding me glare . I clicked the shutter the glasses came down and in that 60 seconds the shoot ended . It was this one moment that I thought was the most truthful .   That is what I'm looking for , Still beautiful and so much fun , so thanks Kati Savage , I'm Bob Gala photographer and it was my pleasure to meet you .