Strangers Project#9

On the front side the constant stream of curious sightseers parade from one end to the other . Peering into shops with inquisitive looks , staring at the other strangers doing the same , the crowd meanders as if in migration . They ogle the menu stands of restaurants to see each presentation of crabcakes , gumbos and fresh oysters , some enter but many pass to continue the procession . They seem to be searching for that one thing to buy that would complete their adventure , that trinket , t-shirt or perhaps those Pecan Pralines that would assure you arrive home heavier than you left . 

    On the back side we set up in the cobbled alley that allows employee to access all of the shops and restaurants that once stored valuable cotton . Cotton that was grown and tended to by slaves and sharecroppers , Cotton that measured a man's wealth , Cotton that left this port to supply exotic destinations that most had never heard of no less visited . Today the doors open quickly , kitchen staff with soiled aprons make quick runs to dumpsters one after the other . Others make last minute adjustments to their makeup and apparel before entering to work the evening shift . Some just come out to see the sky , have a smoke , a short break from answering and serving the hordes of June visitors . 

       A good thirty yards into the alley one more time another door opened , A girl emerged , she took a deep breath and with one leg bent to take some weight off one side , she leaned against the historic bricks . I didn't think she would be the best prospect for a portrait shoot but my wife approached anyway . I saw them chatting , then a smile and a turn in my direction . Hi my name is Bob Gala " you O.K with this" I asked  "a bit of a reluctant smile then she added "Don't have much time I'm working but sure sounds interesting" Jennifer Neighbor was a sweetheart last thing she need in the middle of a much needed break was my request for an art project . 

      Savannah has a rich history with the Irish and if there ever was a girl that looked Irish by my stereotyped mind Jennifer was it . For all I know her ancestry is Bulgarian or French . A moonbeam of a smile and a sincere demeanor that instantly made everyone comfortable . She posed , I shot and then she scurried back to her responsibilities . Thanks Jennifer , I'm Bob Gala photographer and it was my pleasure to meet you today .