Strangers Project #14 & #15

Navigating the ballast stones while walking Savannah's River Street is a chore at it's very best . Different sizes and shapes , rounded as if they were taken from some fast moving river where cold water rushed over them for millions of years . Call them cobbles and the locals will quickly correct you . These came from deep in the bellies of the old sailing ships that made Savannah their port of call . Using the weight of these stones captains were able to balance the great sailing vessels until they could fill their holds with more precious cargo . Discarded on arrival , what better way to use them but to line the street with them , instantly turning small sections of what had to be sty like mud holes into hard manageable treading .

     Certainly the definition of manageable has changed with the times and everyday women risk the danger . An embarrassing fall or worse yet a sprained or broken ankle trying to negotiate these slippery stones in those beautifully fashionable heels that the girls so love . Practicality outdated and unfashionable has yielded to vanity . But Dang we will look good doin it . 

       No more attractive couple has come our way than Margie and Gregory . Dressed so smartly , pressed and lookin good . Politely they tried to avoid being photographed each going in different directions with both their bodies and their decision . Margie swatted at the sand gnats which can swarm even the hardiest of outdoor types . Some people are sweeter than others some say , must be true because I didn't feel a one . Swatting and walking with bended ankles she obliged our request for a photo . It was the quickest of shoots . I said "thank you" to them and up the stairway they went . It was too short but as always I was grateful for them taking the time . , I'm Bob Gala photographer and it was my pleasure to meet you today .