Strangers Project #16

Having never been here before it was odd that I got the feeling that there should be more people here .  Thunder rumbled somewhere in the distance , clouds moved quickly above the branches of the live oaks . Limbs curve and twist in a beautiful but somehow unnatural way , reaching like arms appearing longer than the Oaks are high . Spanish moss hangs and moves back and forth slowly , hanging like tinsel on a Christmas tree . 

   Looking around I'm sure that the impending weather has something to do with the quietness of the park . Surveying the people I don't see the families with babies being pushed in those all terrain buggies that are so popular . The famous fountain sprays but not a one is posing in front of it . The thunder rumbles again . We wander searching for that opportunity to take our photographs . Scattered about , almost as if the benches were assigned , men sit . The spacing almost uncanny , no two are close enough to talk , no social circles , no clicks they sit alone or with one other person at most .These are the people that for a few moments have a place to be . I'm certain they wonder which will come first the rain or the darkness , knowing either will force a move from the serenity of their benches . It's now apparent that these men have either no better place to go or sadly and simply , no place to go at all .  

    How he came upon us so quickly I'm not certain . Seemingly out of nowhere we heard "hey how ya'll doin today" . He flashed a big smile and with that I responded " Just fine , what are you up to ?" . It was that simple to get this conversation started . We listened to Frank talk about good times and bad , unfortunately the bad being the most recent . "Got laid off and I can't find no work" . Clean and well groomed he didn't appear to be homeless or lacking of life's necessities , Frank was a happy guy . We talked , took a few shots and time passed quickly . This project is starting to amaze even myself as we meet these people . Coming in all shapes and sizes colors and creeds , their opinions differ as much as their bank accounts . They're expressive and perhaps the only thing they have in common in life is that they were each stopped by me , this photographer who asked to take their pictures .  I'm excited to meet , talk and photograph more but the thunder rumbles again . So for this day and for these photos I'll just say Thanks Frank . I'm Bob Gala photographer and it was a pleasure to meet you .