Strangers Project #13

It's back to Savannah for another 50 Strangers shoot . Forsyth Park , Not unlike any urban oasis it's filled with dog walkers , lovers strolling , a few of the benches occupied by men apparently with no place better to go . The promenade wide beautifully lined with the Oaks and Spanish Moss which long ago became synonymous with this city .  

      DeeDee and I choose to sit on a bench along the main entrance to get a feel for the place , scout possible backgrounds and angles and of course look for those strangers we hope to photograph . Perhaps a moment of relaxation , perhaps taking time to summon the courage to start our search and recruitment , we sat . People walked by in groups , some obviously families . Others were just as obviously only friends , peers you could easily say . Doning the apparel appropriate for their group they came to stroll , perhaps snap a few Iphone shots near the famous fountain and certainly watch us as we watched them .

      I was standing looking over our prospects and the location when I could hear the sound of wheels on the walkway . Turning just in time to see a young man flip his skateboard . You know the way those skaters do . Pulled it up under his arm and then look at me and caught me by a bit of surprise when he said "hey , what's going on " . This the fifth week at this and except for those looking to beg a few bucks he was perhaps the first to approach us with a greeting and friendly hello . I started with "well actually" and then went into the explanation of the 50 Strangers Project . He was excited about his new skateboard "made it myself , taking it for the first ride" . Canadian Maple was not the only thing we heard from A.J about this board . A.J talked with pride of it's flex and performance . We listened with attentiveness to his passionate description . Yet realizing this was stuff that only a real skater could truly understand . I do know this , if a jaunt on this board was as exciting as his enthusiasm was sincere , it was one bitchin ride .  a great guy our conversation covered a broad spectrum from his arts education to him getting shot in the leg . In his words "by mistake by my crazy redneck uncle" . Our conversation rambled and changed topics quickly , it really was terrific . A.J , thanks for taking part in my project , I'm Bob Gala photographer and it was my pleasure to meet you on this day .