Strangers Project #3

        With the world's population topping 7 billion it a source of amazement to me that we each have been able to keep our own individuality . We're all human and although there is a bit of variance , we all have so many things we share as members of the human race . Sure there are the short and the tall , the big and the small but all in all we mostly fit into the averages and we are the size , well we're the size that humans are supposed to be .     

          Then what is that special thing that inherit quality that makes us individuals ? We come from different areas of the world equipped with different skin colors and a sense of style that somehow evolved , most likely from a need and purpose, more than the desire to be fashionable . There still remains the biggest single thing that makes you you  and me me . That my friends , based solely on opinion is the spirit that each of us holds deep inside . That spirit cannot be replaced with a transplant procedure . It cannot undergo the scalpel of the cosmetic surgeon , It cannot be shaven , dyed or tattooed . Maybe most importantly it cannot be photographed . It is you and it will be you till the day you die. 

           Today was fun in Savannah and I'm not the only one going there for a good time travelers from around the world come to visit and enjoy . We set up in an alley about 20 yards off River Street and continued recruiting some unique people to volunteer fro my 50 stranger project . This is Shelby , Hello Shelby Pulley from Cape Coral , Florida . Young and beautiful Shelby's heading off to The University of Florida next year . In town to have a little fun we talked briefly and the whole group got in on the shoot . Hello Shelby , I'm Bob Gala photographer and it was my pleasure to meet you