Strangers Project #4

Another from a group of young people headed out on the town in Savannah . I could only think that as we approached them , That we were asking them to do something that was probably exactly what their parents told them not to do . Just the words strangers and alley is enough to send shivers up the spines of most parents these days . Perhaps it was our age , perhaps it was the obvious camera and lighting . Whatever the reason the answer was yes or more realistically a enthusiastic yeah sure !

     Enthusiasm and youth such a combination . After a few minutes of quick questioning I was able to identify some of the more obvious personalities of the group .  Enter Elle with a personality as bright as her hair . As I asked who would be next there was almost a cheering section for Elle . "You go Elle" said one "Elle's a superstar" echoed another and one more chimed in with "She's going to be success" , WOW talk about supportive friends . It only took a moment to discover why . With a confidence that took me by surprise she turned quickly to the lens and flashed a genuine and magnetic smile . Then in rapid succession another one and another and another . "Give me a pouty look" bang it was there , and the shutter clicked away . 

      I asked where she would go to school and it came as no surprise that she was headed far away Cal State her choice and with that spirit that didn't stop she added that she wanted to "manage rock & roll bands" get involved in the music business . I really could understand the worries of a parent with a child as free spirited as Elle . I could also congratulate them , confident , ambitious and smart and equipped with a wisdom that seemed beyond her years , I agree with her friends . I certainly cannot read the tea leaves nor the future , but on this day Elle was a star and I certainly wouldn't bet against   it continuing . Hello Elle Showalter , I'm Bob Gala photographer and it was my pleasure to meet you .

She did ask if I could "take away her roots" in the first image I did