Now offering custom contemporary portraiture in South Carolina . 


Being able to capture the human spirit in an image , something not easily accomplished , challenging artists for centuries . It is the use and interpretation of light and shadow that gives each photograph it's individuality . Why is it that some photos speak to you and others fall short of your expectations ? Most likely it is the lack of awareness of the light , the color of light , the quality of the light and it's effect on the image . In this digital age we are all photographers . It is only the years of studying light and the technical aspects of photography that gives a photographer the ability to capture a moments personality and feeling forever . That bright smile of a child , the love of a newly engaged couple , the pride of a high school senior or the lifetime of accomplishments of a senior citizen . If you are satisfied with the simple picture of a face you have no need for  my services . If you want images to pass on for generations telling your story , I would be thrilled to help capture your own individuality spirit and beauty .     843-298-1384