The Strangers Project

This is the 1st in a series of posts about a new project  Strangers . I am attempting to introduce myself to people that I do not know and photograph them . This is not simply to snap a photograph and leave , but also to find out a little about their lives , and maybe more importantly their views of life and their choices on how to live it . I hope to find out about their hopes , their dreams and where they fit into this wonderful journey called life . This will also not be a get the simple one shot project . I intend to bring my studio to them . Using Nikon's best technology I'll be lighting the subjects with strobes and flashes . Remotely triggering them so that I can control the light giving me the opportunity to be expressive as a photographer . Savannah , Georgia a town that has a rich history and seemingly has embraced the many free spirited souls that call it home . A recipe in which tradition and tolerance are two of the main ingredients . Since I live not far from here there is no doubt that these will not be the only sessions shot there . In fact the idea of an extended project on Savannah sits somewhere in the back of my head . 

       So here I'll introduce Michael Houston  , unlike many of the elder statesmen of the Savannah street music scene he is a very young 18 years of age. After a simple introduction he was very receptive to the idea of being photographed while he played for change in Ellis Square . My first thought was , how could a man so young be here playing only hoping to hear the sound of coins hitting the empty violin case that he stood behind . Our conversation started with a simple question "You live here in Savannah" . His answer came quickly "No Sir , I'm from Beaufort and I just graduated" . He took me back just a bit after I asked "So what now on to college" ? Another quick answer as he looked me in the eye "No Sir , I don't think so" . Somehow I had hoped that I would hear just the opposite. "So what's next for you have any plans" ? And this is when it got good . With a look that only a youth could have he said "I'm a violinist" well O.K then I thought "I'm also going to be a translator" . "So what do you translate " ? He then rattled off all of the languages he spoke so fast that I couldn't possibly remember them . It was then that I realized that this was just the encounter I wanted to start my 50 strangers project . Michael Houston if we never meet again I'll remember you . May your youthful enthusiasm turn into achievements , May your translations bring understanding to our world and may your violin give pleasure to many .Well hello Michael , I'm Bob Gala photographer and this was my pleasure to meet you today .