Strangers Project #11

No invitation necessary , not even a need is required . It lets everyone attend  , each deciding just how long to stay . There are cars and people , trucks and bicycles each moving somewhere . Most have destinations but some do not . Like seasons the streets have a smooth and constant cycle , from the quiet of the early mornings to the bustle of the midday rush then followed by the shadows and the mystery that seem to permeate them in the darkness . The promenade on River Street has thinned yet still there is a parade of vehicles whose tires plop plop plop slowly over the cobbled streets . I can hear rockabilly music from the club down the street and occasionally the door will fly open increasing the volume of the escaping music , but only until the doorman brings it shut again . Those who have chosen to move on carry cups that hold their intoxicating beverages . Loud conversation and laughter leave no doubt that the revelers are having fun , At least for a moment , girls are prettier , guys more appealing ,  friendships seem deeper and those new people that were just met certainly more interesting now than they will be by morning .On to the next bar or club , 

     Selection for the 50 Stranger project becomes more difficult . Mostly because of the reluctance both DeeDee and I have to getting caught in a circle of young drunken men or perhaps even worse that screaming and cheering group of 20 something women that are here to assure that this bride to be has the wildest bachelorette party ever . Enter Jonathan Deloach walking towards us ,he makes a little eye contact , he and his friend seemed nice enough . "Got a minute" I asked Introducing myself . Sure there was that now omnipresent skepticism we've gotten used to ."We're here to photograph 50 Strangers" I continued , with a mellow tone of voice "what's that all about"? his reply . Small talk ensued , then a "sure why not" . Our shoot and encounter brief , I am now realizing that getting people to photograph is far easier than getting a story to go along with it . I am sure that those will come  but for tonight I want to say , Thanks Jonathan , I'm Bob Gala photographer and it was my pleasure to meet you .